Revd Dr Flavien Pardigon

Tutor in Biblical Studies

Flavien Pardigon teaches the Greek Study Days and biblical studies Study Days. He also supervises pastors who are on Study Projects focusing on biblical topics. His primary concern is to help pastors grow in their ability to find in God’s Word all that they and their congregations need for faith, life and service to Christ. He also seeks to equip and prepare men who are called to pursue more advanced theological education. A minister of the Presbyterian Church in America, he teaches and lectures regularly in a variety of settings in West Africa, North America, and Asia. He and his wife Inyange have five children.

When he is not traveling or meeting with pastors and students, Rev Dr Pardigon works on a few publication projects. That includes: polishing an exegetical study of Paul’s Areopagus speech with the theology of religions in mind; launching some forays into biblical hermeneutics; editing an original translation of the Westminster Larger Catechism in French; reflecting on global theological education and ministry training; and writing a biblical theology of the church for the Francophone “Global South”.


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