Study Days

The Centre runs Study Days in biblical languages (Hebrew and Greek), biblical studies, and doctrine. Because the days are designed to be easily accessible for busy ministers they involve no preparatory reading or assessment. 

Biblical Language Study Days

The biblical language Study Days aim to help you maintain and develop your Hebrew and Greek skills with a view to understanding and preaching the biblical text.

The days involve translation and exegesis of the biblical text. They aim to develop and improve your facility in Hebrew and Greek and to demonstrate the insights which a working knowledge of the languages can provide. They begin with close exegesis and move all the way through to discussing the text's message for the contemporary church.

No prior preparation is needed to participate in the days. They require some knowledge of, but not expertise in, the languages. Those who attend the days have varying ability, but all should benefit and find their language skills exercised. No one’s level of Hebrew or Greek will be exposed to scrutiny!

Both the Hebrew and the Greek days are run at London Seminary. The Hebrew days are taught by David Green, Lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament and Vice-Principal of the Seminary. The Greek days are taught by Flavien Pardigon, tutor in Biblical Studies at the John Owen Centre. 

Doctrine Study Days

These days, taught by Garry Williams, involve the close study of Christian doctrine, blending exegesis, historical, and systematic theology. They cover topics that are always important, and some that are currently pressing. Each doctrine day makes sense on its own, but some are also designed to complement previous topics in order to build a mini-series.

As well as running at London Seminary, the doctrine days are taught in groups organized by pastors around the country. Study Days are currently being offered in Belfast, Bradford-on-Avon, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Dagenham, Darlington, Derby, Dublin, Guildford, Kingston, Leeds, Manchester, Oxford, Warboys, and Wrexham.  Please contact us if you would like to consider starting a group in a new location.

Biblical Studies Days

These days, taught by Flavien Pardigon, seek to deepen our engagement with God’s Word for faith, life, and ministry. As a result, they weave together hermeneutics, exegesis, and biblical theology. In order to enjoy all the riches of our fully-divine-and-fully-human Scriptures, the days pay close attention to their various dimensions, whether historical, social, linguistic, literary, theological, or intertextual.

Some days focus on a particular portion of Scripture, others on a biblical theme or a biblical-theological topic. Every single one, in continuity with 2 Timothy 3:16-17, is built on the principle that God’s inerrant revelation provides all that is necessary for following and serving Christ in today’s world.

While the exegesis is done from the original languages, a working knowledge of Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic is not required for participation. The biblical studies days are taught at London Seminary and in a few groups organized by pastors around the country.

Pastoral Study Days

These days are taught by John Benton. They are excellent opportunities to pause to reflect on your walk and work as a pastor with the benefit of John’s biblical understanding and decades of experience.