Study Projects

The Centre offers accommodation and mentoring for pastors engaged in different kinds of Study Projects.

Two types of project are available for pastors who have a period of dedicated study leave:

On a Tailor-made Project a pastor proposes a specific topic or topics that he wishes to study. One of the Centre faculty then works with him on refining his proposal to form an achievable plan for the time available. During regular (usually weekly) meetings with the faculty member he brings questions arising from his reading, and works towards some kind of written project. The project need not be an essay in the academic sense; it might be a series of teaching sessions for his church, or material to be used in teaching other pastors. For those involved in providing theological education to others, there is also an opportunity to reflect on and design or revise a training curriculum.

A Planned Project provides a ready-made structure. It involves residence at London Seminary for any one of the three terms. The pastor takes modules from the first, second, or third year of the Seminary course, as appropriate, usually focusing on biblical studies. Alongside that he engages in a mentored personal study programme focusing on one area of doctrine chosen from a list of options.

Two types of project are available for pastors who do not have a period of study leave but wish to study in the midst of their ministry:

On a Rolling Project a pastor meets with a faculty member and agrees a programme of reading on a topic of interest. They then meet intermittently to discuss questions arising from the reading and its implications for ministry.

On a Preaching Project a pastor still serving full-time meets regularly with a faculty member to review his entire process of preaching, including his method of preparation and the content of several of his sermons. This type of project is especially useful for pastors who are in situations where they receive limited feedback on their preaching.

Please email if you would like to discuss arranging a Study Project.